Networking Groups in Lyon, France

It has officially been a week since I’ve arrived in Lyon. The first couple of days were a bit stressful and I’ve had some ups and downs, but things are coming along.
When I arrived in Lyon, the first item on the agenda was to start reaching out to networking organizations. Before I left L.A., I researched organizations within Lyon and found quite a few. They’re all a bit different, but a great place to start meeting people in the city. On my third night in Lyon, I attended a happy hour event. It was hosted by American Club of Lyon . It’s an organization specifically for Americans, that’s right, living in Lyon. It’s a great organization and it felt comforting being around fellow Americans; especially, being new and fresh to Lyon. It’s a great place to start. They offer a coffee and language meet up session on Tuesdays where you can brush up on your French if you need to.
I also attended an event through an organization called, InterNations. Major note, this is more of a professional meetup group. I was not aware of that and did not dress the part. It’s an organization focused more on professionals living abroad. You can sign up through their website. They offer free membership, and if you want to be more involved you can pay for an upgraded membership. I would compare the organization as a mix of, social network, slash facebook meets linked in. If you’re a working professional living aboard, I would recommend attending an event and seeing if it’s a right fit.

I also attended a couchsurfing meet up group through Facebook. It’s a completely different environment and atmosphere from InterNations, definitely casual. A great group to meet people traveling through Lyon or living in Lyon. Or anywhere in the world! You can join their group through Facebook.

The last event I attended in my first week was at Kotopo. It’s a unique space and the best way to describe it is, as a multi-cultural cafe where people get together and learn different languages. Every day, there is a different language course and people come together to talk and learn a new language. It’s a very warm and inviting space filled with books. A library with a cabin feel to it. The people were very welcoming and friendly and genuinely wanting to learn a new language. Highly recommend it!! Here’s to a second week in Lyon!

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