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It’s been exactly a month since I’ve been in Lyon, France and I’ve had my ups and downs. When I was a tourist last year, it was a whimsical and magical experience. Don’t get me wrong, it still is, but being here as an entrepreneur is a whole new ball game. I’ve probably felt every emotion possible this first month, from feeling alone scared and sad to feeling sublime and the happiest I’ve ever felt. When I tell people I came to France to start a business, here and back home, many thought I was a bit crazy and sometimes I do think I am a bit crazy. But the TWO main things I’ve learned this past month living in the City of Gastronomy are, the challenges will come and go and the people are always willing to lend a hand.
Sante, to surviving a month and getting through the next one.

The City | LYON

Along the river
Views along the river
Hotel de Ville
Along the River
Up to Croux-Rousse
Le Royal Hotel

The Markets | LYON

Small Market in Croux-Rousse Ares
Strawberries are in season at the markets
La Croux-Rousse Market
Produce is sublime
St. Antoine Market
St. Antoine Market

Food | LYON

Market goodies with @winedinecaroline
My favorite Lyonnaise Snacks
Farmers Market Berries
Sunday Brunch
Black Bean Soup French, Mexican and Greek Ingredients

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  1. Mike Cosgrove says:

    Hi! I am curious about the foods in the pics of your Lyonnaise snacks and the Sunday brunch. Everything looks AMAZING!

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