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World Cup Week | LYON

From tours, private dinners to watching the games with friends from back home….World Cup week in Lyon was jam packed with celebrations and a lot of great Lyonnais food and wine!

I’m still a newbie in this beautiful city and I’m constantly learning about the city. I love discovering new places and meeting with local businesses, but to have the opportunity to explore Lyon with old and new friends from back home, was pretty amazing!

I created Orangewood Lane to share with others what Lyon is all about. The more and more I discover this city, the more and more I fall in love with it. It has the heart of gold, the drive like no other and a vibrance that keeps on beating. Santé to last week and to many more!

World Cup finals – U.S.A. – Netherlands
Fifa Center in Bellecour, Lyon

Food Tour | LYON

Lunch along the Saône River
Local wine and some local Lyonnais snacks
Picked up some Lyonnais food and wine

Dinner | LYON

Private Lyonnais Dinner
Taking wine down the hill from Croix Rousse
The Guests

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